Friday, 29 August 2008


hi all
just a little post today, went to Dover castle again yesterday, had a wonderful time, the children all love it there, they can run around to their hearts content, explore the tunnels, play with all the canons and guns, such adventure and imagination they can use, lovely.

today we have finally got the outhouse sorted out, have moved the freezers round swept it all, and found remnants of an old mouse nest, so all cleaned. we can now get our bikes in and out easier which was the main reason for this little exercise. having brought a new one with my birthday money i really didn't want it getting damaged unnecessarily. we were going to put a bike rack up on the wall but it just wont fit, so have now put mine onto wood to help the tires as is a concrete base and doesn't do them any good, i have also now fitted my panniers and looks really good, so the next shopping expedition will be a lot easier and safer by bike.

i hope everybody has a lovely day.

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