Saturday, 23 August 2008

day out in london

The London Eye

just as we set off

me and james

the houses of parliament and st stephens tower with the bell Big Ben.

ermm two of the bridges on the thames. i know one in the distance is london bridge.

very high up now think we are at the top.

it was very enjoyable, james and georgia loved it seeing all over London.

we also visited the Dungeons, georgia was very fraut most of the way round, and the first time i think ive ever seen james get scared was at the end jack the ripper jumped into the room we were in, mind that one made me jump aswell.


Leanne said...

thats a lovely pic of you and James Nita. he really has your eyes doesnt he? :-)

sounds like a fab day out too :-)

Leanne x

nita x said...

thank you leanne, i was chuffed with the picture, dont really like many pics of myself lol. and yes we had a superdooper day, still glad its only once a year though.
my mum and dad always took us up to london once a year day trip and i always loved it, and you have to do the tubes and buses or its not a proper london day out.

Jennie said...

Good grief woman - you look about 20 in that pic - how do you manage it?! I've got to the stage where I happiest BEHIND the camera! Looks like you had a super day out.

nita x said...

thank you jennie, im like you normally always behind the lens :)
we've got a pic they took at the dungeons but i look a bit weird in that one LOL.