Tuesday, 12 August 2008

the chef !

heres james with the finished blueberry muffins he made, they taste nice, very light and have a tangy ness to them.
at the cooker melting the butter and honey for hobnobs.

pouring the melted mixture into the oats,sugar and flour.

all mixing up.
he does realy well, also weighed all the other ingredients out, as we made some more ginger nuts, aswell. they are all cooked now. and a parcel will be winging its way to a friend of ours in middlesbrough very shortly, as she loves james' ginger nuts. everytime we make them we have to have a parcel for A and a parcel for grandad because he knows how much they all love them.
we have also made a pie for our tea tonight, the remnants of sunday roast dinner.
i cooked a shoulder of lamb with loads of veg on sunday, then yesterday we had shepherds pie and today with whats left of the lamb and veg is making a pie. the girls also got a good meal out of it. so i am feeling very frugal and happy in making a meal go so far.

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