Wednesday, 20 August 2008

charity kniting

ive done it, my first finished hat using a pattern LOL,
and its only 4cms tall.
this is for a charity through the CL forum some of us are taking part in.
the link
have a look each hat made and sent to them they give 50p to Age concern.
only took me an hour to make, but accumplished knitters would probably get 5 done in that time. but it is fun to knit and so weeny.


Kim said...

And soooo adorable, well done Nita, that's lovely :)

Kim x

nita x said...

thank you kim, no2 done now aswell.

ren said...

wow, that is so sweet nita, well done. I can, now knit a square, but would have a clue about a mini hat!!!

nita x said...

ren if you can knit and purl you could do one easily, look at the destructions only cast on 28 stitches, great fun to do.