Sunday, 31 August 2008

some of dover castle history

just a few pics from the other day, this is the church within the castle grounds, beautiful inside, ive taken a few pics of some of the gorgeous stain glass windows aswell and one of part of the roof in the middle tower. it always feels very tranquil within this church, hadnt been inside since last year, lovely.


Jennie said...

What lovely photos Nita - I love castles and old places and exploring them.

nita x said...

jennie, theres something about the history and the feeling you get from them, i try and imagine all the millions of people and animals that have walked and lived their lives throughout the ages.
and if i can explore somewhere different, truly amazing, james seems to have taken after me for this, has the same sense of adventure and wants to see all the places you arnt allowed to go .