Thursday, 7 August 2008

bits and pieces 7/8/08

well started as a funny sort of day today, after having hardly any sleep through the storm and OH's snoring all night, decided enough was enough and got up at 5.45am, got dressed and took the girls out for a walk in the woods . it was lovely i sat on my tree stump and all was quiet except the dripping of rain drops through the leaves on the trees, so magical that time of the morning, a few bunnies ran across the path as we walked through and the birds started stirring, spent an hour out and felt a lot better for it when i got home, the girls then promptly went back to bed as if to say boy that was early mum.
everyone else was stirring when i came back so i put the kettle on, then found that the normal milk was totally rank, and we'd nearly run out of soya milk. so off i trotted to the shop and got some milk for breakfast and a few other bits and pieces we needed, and i can honestly say it was a joy to shop in the super that time of morning, no one around lovely.
well as we'd run out of soya i then made some more, also put a loaf on in the bread machine, and got the stock for soup out of the freezer for later, then went to the post office, and down to fav shop for a kniting pattern for a beret, and picked up some material in there going cheap, so will hopefully have enough to make a new apron with and a new peg bag, three new projects to do.
then i had a lovely lunch and afternoon with one of my friends and the boys all played in the woods next to where she lives and sun came out to play as it had been raining most of the morning. i came home and Paul had decided to pick the beans and new potatoes so i then spent 2 1/2 hours preparing veg for the freezer and finishing the soup for tea, cleared up and finally sat down. what a day, lovely, different and industrious.

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