Monday, 11 August 2008

where does the time and years go ?

all in the bread oven, what funny faces some of them are pulling LOL
one of the small window areas in the gallery part of the castle.

james and maisie, only 10 days between them, they have grown up together, and now are also in the same class at school.

one of the many views from the top of the castle keep.

another view from the castle keep.

and another lovely views aren't they. and i think of the hundreds and thousands of people who have walked, lived, worked or fought here is amazing when you really stop and think. i can really feel the long ago presences, it is a very calm area in this castle, which is perhaps why i love visiting it so much.
the three musketeers, georgia, james and maisie.

a view of some of the keep, king Henry viii stayed here during his life and a lot of the history in the keep is about his life.

another summer school holiday day, i took james to Dover castle again, and met up with some old friendies there today, wow all the children are growing up so quick, i can still remember when they were all bambinos. now they are all at primary school and the youngest starts September, amazing where does the time go ?
well they all had a super time, chasing around with their shields and wooden swords LOL, great, but Dover castle i think must be the most hilliest, staircasiest castle going, i think we must walk and climb up and down miles whilst we are there, but great exercise for everyone. it did start showering when we first got there but turned out to be windy and dry the rest of the day.
visited the secret war time tunnels for the umpteenth time, and we seem to see something new each time, james took his head torch with him today and we stopped at some of the fenced of bits and he shone his torch down the tunnels they thought that was great as seeing things they hadn't seen there before.
i have taken some more pics, mostly the scenery surrounding the castle grounds this time, but will load them up tomorrow.
later in the week i think next door neighbour and i are taking her daughter and james to see walmer and deal castles, one is a ruin in beautiful grounds, however Ive not actually found this one yet but am told the grounds are lovely, the other is a smaller castle in the shape of a Tudor rose, this we have been round before but was a few years ago i think james was only 2 1/2 at the time, hes 8 1/2 now so 6 years ago.
see what i mean, where does the time go.

came back feeling quite shattered again, and made some more soya milk, also used up the leftovers from dinner yesterday and made a shepherds pie and took the girls (my dogs) out for an hour in the woods.

all in all another very busy but enjoyable day and the day flew by.

perhaps that is why the years merge into one and fly by like a blink of the eye.

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