Monday, 18 August 2008

beds for my girls .

well having to sit still and rest at the moment, i decided to sit at my sewing machine and make
some new beds for the girls.

i made two of these for maggee may.

and two of these smaller ones for tillee tots.
so should now be all snuggly for the winter months ahead, these are filled with an old duvet, cut down. the cost of each bed is £3 for the fleecy blankets i buy for the beds, then sew them up into a type of sleeping bag effect, fill with the duvet and sew up the other end. I did attach poppers once but it made it easier for the girls to undo and cover my kitchen floor in white duvet pieces, so hence they get totally stitched up now.
i also used to make them out of old duvet covers, but found the actual dog fleeces were hardier and easier to keep clean. i also restuffed an old blanket of theirs with a blanket so they had a bed each again for the moment as i threw three out this morning, totally beyond repair and washing, well at least they'd had fun.
i also made two new bags out of some material i picked up the other day in the sales in my favourite shop, so do feel rather pleased with myself today, as never made bags before and they came up rather well. one will be for a swop we are in the process of running on Creative Living forum, and the other will be part of my future mother in laws xmas present, im also currently knitting from a pattern (first time) a beret, and she saw this yesterday and would love one in beiges, so once the first is finished then will commence on that. so one person sorted for xmas.

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