Sunday, 30 August 2009


well paul now seems back on the mend, thank fully was only the infection , also the cancer changing in the liver can cause temperatures aparently. hes still got to have this heart check scan, but im sure that is fine :o) so looks like its not yet the start to the end, and hopefully will have longer with him :o) so scary it was, we have so much still planned to do together and as a family, things everyone has set their hearts on doing.............. we will do them and more :o)
went to see a friend yesterday after cycling to the park with James , ended up having lunch there and lots of chitta chatter LOL, got hugs from little emma and amy ive missed them over the summer holidays, they all had a super time, think theyd missed james and he them too LOL
my chicks are growing fast, dont look much like chicks now, still cant sex them yet though, mildred is back to laying me eggs, at night when i put them all to bed, i often find betty snuggled up with them LOL, mildred is back on the roosting bar. must take some more pics.
most of the garden is now harvested, still have a few leeks, carrots, tomatoes ripening off. had the last of the lettuce yesterday, only runners left are for seeds, french beans coming up today. carrots i will harvest a few more, then maybe leave some in the ground, not sure paul will probably want me to get them all up so they dont grow any bigger LOL, potatoes we ended up with a huge sack full :o), still have spinache up there growing, trouble is no matter how much i pick, it grows back and i keep getting holes in the leaves............. chooks dont mind they love soinache and its great for the eggs :o)
just one week left of school holidays now, i still need to get james some new pe shorts, plimsoles, trainers, jumpers and a new tie................... maybe ill get there this week LOL

think thats it for now, much love and hugs to all that visit me here :o)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


well pauls in hospital again, he had some real high temperatures over the weekend, started with a lot of pain friday morning, then come the evening 38.6 . he wouldnt go to the hospital friday night, but yesterday am we saw the chemo nurses and he had no choice as could have been a life threatening infection, fortunately its not, but they still dont know 100% where the infection is, they think its in the liver and the cancer is causing it. they are going to do an echo on his heart today to double check no infection there or piece of clot from his arm, this is just a precautionle check as his plateletes are low and with the temperatures his heart beat is a bit irratic. hopefully i can bring him home later today.

i just feel so tired at the moment, having spent the whole of yesterday in the hospital gets a bit draining.
chemo on hold till 7/9 but not sure if hes going to continue this course or not yet, when he wasnt on any he felt heaps better, and quality is what counts now. he does have a ct scan booked for end of september, and think he will decide then.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

sandwich Bay

wow we had a supertime tonight over sandwich bay, first time in the sea for mollee and she loved it, even tillee this year was right in the water :o)

its been such a hot day here today it was lovely to go down to the beach and have a paddle and splash around in the water, the girls cooled off, we cooled off and all of us had a lovely time :o)

paul and i have had loads of chats and have both said all the time he is well enough we will do our upmost to have good fun times, happy memories for the future, try and live life to the fullest we possibly can, try and stay as chilled out as we can, as least amount of stress as possible :o)

Thursday, 13 August 2009


i was tagged by tricia the other day and have only just round to doing this. thank you tricia :o)
i have to tell you 7 things about me you dont already know?????? this could be hard LOL

1. im a qualified chef, but chose to go down the paper chain instead.
2. when i was little i was a real tom boy, making camps and climbing trees.
3. used to go off all day, cycling horse riding etc. mum never knew where i was in the summer holidays LoL
4. bit of a rebel , i dont really like conformity, the army would never have suited me. too much of a free spirit :o)
5. love weepy films
6. always seem to have milions of craft ideas flying through my head, just not enough time in the day to do them.
7. i used to do a lot of drawing, painting, charcoal drawings etc. perhaps i should start again :o)

ok not too bad then managed 7 things :o)

so to tag 7 other peeps ?? erm? im going to open this up to everyone who visits my blog, i know there are some from other countries so please copy across and forward to your blogger buddies too. well anyone really :oD

few pics of our walk the other day

thought id share these with you :o)

wild poppies
pigeon hidding in the bushes

heading straight for me LOL

never seen this type of bee before, so beautifull

they just love their walks

all pooped out LOL

Sunday, 9 August 2009

thank you anne sent me this award, now i'm supposed to nominate 5 other blogs LOL. some blogs i would have nominated have already received this award, and as i love reading everyones blogs all for different reasons, i really cant decide. so im offering this to everyone who visits my blog as i think you all deserve this award :o)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

one of our walks

just one of our family walk outs :o)
love this picture

dover castle 2009

we met up with some friends tuesday, and went to have a look at the refurbished dover castle keep, had a superdooper day out, and some of the refurbishments they have done were really good. they also had a couple of actors going round as previous king , telling us the history was really good the children all had a wonderfull day.

the new kitchen area

guard room
the well

on the throwns

kings chambers
the king

at the top

Lego Land 2009

we had a super time, good day out, day went far to quick LOL.
look at the shear horror or is that fright on my face as we go down the log ride...........

passed his driving test again :o)

look at the concentration of james face, soon got the hand of it though.