Tuesday, 25 August 2009


well pauls in hospital again, he had some real high temperatures over the weekend, started with a lot of pain friday morning, then come the evening 38.6 . he wouldnt go to the hospital friday night, but yesterday am we saw the chemo nurses and he had no choice as could have been a life threatening infection, fortunately its not, but they still dont know 100% where the infection is, they think its in the liver and the cancer is causing it. they are going to do an echo on his heart today to double check no infection there or piece of clot from his arm, this is just a precautionle check as his plateletes are low and with the temperatures his heart beat is a bit irratic. hopefully i can bring him home later today.

i just feel so tired at the moment, having spent the whole of yesterday in the hospital gets a bit draining.
chemo on hold till 7/9 but not sure if hes going to continue this course or not yet, when he wasnt on any he felt heaps better, and quality is what counts now. he does have a ct scan booked for end of september, and think he will decide then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita

I'm so sorry to read this. I'm hoping things will start to get better very soon and am sending you lots of positive thoughts.


pattypan.2 said...

Hugs Nita - much love and strength coming to both of you. Quality and precious time are important for both of you. Each day is precious

Much love


nita x said...

thank you both so much, quality is what we are trying for, we have so many things we still need to do together and as a family, it just really scared me and i was starting to think it was the beginning of no return :( fortunately not :o)