Sunday, 26 April 2009

RIP Uncle Roy

id just like to dedicate this post to my wonderfull, caring, loving, thoughfull, gentle uncle roy, who we sadly lost today. he is no longer in any pain, and now resting in peace.

he will be greatly missed. he had a wonderfull life and you couldnot have met a nicer person in your life, i feel very blessed to have known him and been able to love him like i do, i spent many a summer holiday, and christmas holiday with him, learning all about life and creativity, fishing and prawning, wood work and gardening. he gave so much.

thank you uncle roy, i will always love you, and miss you, thank you for being a special part of my life and sharing so much with me.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

updates and sewing pics

wow this is my 100th post :o)

have been busy sewing today, finally made my new peg bag, handle to hang up

long handle which i put round my neck to get the pegs out whilst hanging my washing out, so enambling me to have two free hands

these are two pillow cases ive made to match pauls quilt, only mine to do then LOL

and finally the two capelets i designed, drew the pattern out, i am quite pleased with these :o)

ok other updates, my uncle roy is still in hospital , very poorly, not sure how long he has, we just want to make him as comfortable as possible, with no pain. the nurses there all love him, think hes great, well he is the kindest, gentlest man ive ever known. will be very sad when he leaves us, but equally i do not want him to suffer .
update on paul, we will finaly find out the results monday coming from the scan 3 weeks ago, it has been a very long wait.
wedding plans all coming along nicely and 4 weeks to go

Thursday, 16 April 2009

my wedding head piece finally finished

well finally finished my head piece, all handmade ribbon flowers each sewn onto the ring, had to get more ribbon to finish it, but finally complete. and im quite happy with it, just need those clear combs to attach to stays in my hair for the day :o)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Heritage Crafts Association

The Heritage Crafts Association has been set up by a group of craftspeople and others passionate about the loss of crafts skills. Everyone who cares about the loss of these skills can make a difference, simply by telling other people about the website heres a link

please also sign up with your support, everyone makes a difference to this very worthy cause. this is the link to sign up

the link is also on the side of my blog :o)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

James Birthday

its my little lads birthday today, hes 9 already........... still cant believe where the years have gone. ive made him a triple chocolate malteser cake , as you can see.
a roast dinner tonight, stevie louse is also coming up for dinner which will be nice, mike has football tonigh so will be popping in but unable to stay for dinner.

my uncle

ive made these today, oaty ginger cookies for my uncle roy, these are suitable for diabetics and he loves them LOL.
unfortunately he was admitted to hospital monday evening with severe pain and unable to walk.
hes had a type of leukimea for about 20 years, no treatment for it and it was mild. unfortunately (we think was triggered when my grandma went 3 years ago now) it has progressed and they have said it has now gone into the bones, which is why he is in so much pain :o( , he will be 80 in august and i know hes had a good life, hes a very kind, gentle, caring, loving man, wouldnt hurt a fly infact he nursed my grandma right to the end even with his own ailments.
i saw him yesterday and he seems fine inhimself but in a lot of pain still, he was saying he knew when he was due a painkiller as the pain started increasing again. they are keeping him in for a few days to see how he goes. he wants to still come to the wedding 23rd May so we're hoping and praying he will be able to get back on his feet to do this, as they say where theres a will theres a way, hes eating and drinking fine, so positive thoughts he will make it :o)
i was feeling very sad and low yesterday over it all, and became very giddy almost drunk tired, im feeling better this morning and will be popping over later after ive collected james from school, can only be a quick visit today as james birthday and ive promised to cook a roast beef dinner for him. as he was moved to a ward yesterday evening i can only go during visiting hours 3 - 9 , hence im here and not there.

more wedding prep updates

i have two of these butterflies, for the two little girls to go in their baskets with flowers

these are the youngest bridesmaids head wear
mine still under construction, need to make few more ribbon roses then put it all together with ribbons coming down the back .