Wednesday, 26 November 2008

awards wow :o)

Two Awards......

Wow, I've received two awards from pixiedust

7 things to do before I die

1. be a grandma :o)
2. see all the children happily settled and married
3. get my chickens LOL
4. have a brilliant wedding in may :o)
5. let tillee have puppies
6. finish my quilts LOL, and get the knitting machine set up and running.
7. paul to have the all clear

7 Things I do now

1. cook
2. walk
3. sew
4. knit
5. grow veg
6. draw
7. craft

7 Things I can't do

1. knit with knitting machine LOL
2. quilt
3. make proper yorkshire puddings, no really still have problems with these LOL
4. make soap
5. milk a cow
6. lay concrete
7. spray paint a car

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite sex

1. eyes
2. bottoms
3. character
4. down to earth, solid proper person
5. love of animals and children
6. gentle nature
7. clean and smell nice

7 things I say most often

1. lovely
2. oh poop
3. james
4. hello
5. good morning / afternoon
6. sweet dreams
7. love you

7 Celebs that I admire

Don't admire any celebs! ditto pixie on this LOL

7 Favourite foods

1. maltesers
2. chicken soup
3. homemade fish pie
4. tuna
5. bunny burgers
6. roast dinner
7. pineapple

7 people to join in the fun


for some reason the links arent linking today, so will leave full blog addresses up :)

The rules folks, Please leave a comment on the blogs that have been awarded, and feel free to have a go too.

Monday, 24 November 2008

me again :o)

hi everyone, thank you for reading my blog :o)
im trying to keep up with everything but not really succeeding LOL
have mountains of christmas gifts to make, you know the one, just needs time........
i have made all the christmas cards now , just need to sign, address and send.. did go to do them saturday got two signed, just couldnt get into it..... you know have to be really in the mood, will attempt sometime this week, well need to get james school pic photocopied first really, so once id realised id not done that, defeated the object really so must get them done.. at least they are in my bag now one step closer then :o) i have lots of cousins and older friends of the family as well as relatives spread around, so they like a pic to see how he is.

couldnt believe it paul and i were looking at all james school pics from reception to now (keep in same frame) and the change from a baby at 4 to a little man now at 8 and just in four years......... just wow........... when i go to the school to collect james, you see the little ones and they are just babies. most are still only 4 or just starting to have their 5th birthdays.

quick update on maggee may, i had an email from michael the other day, and she and ellie may are both starting to get on well, infact he does not intervein now if mags starts, as ellie will just stand over her until she behaves herself, lol. and because mags is so good and obedient on and off the lead, he has started to attach ellie to her so she goes back and learns the same as mags does. says ellie is fine till going home time, then stands 10 foot away lol, this way as mags comes back to you and sits to have her lead put back on ellie has no choice but to do the same.
he sent a couple of pics and she does look more settled, so only a matter of time and im sure will be fine :o) they both also now sleep together so thats good. and also one of his nephews came over the other day and played football with her, he didnt manage to get the ball much mind lol, but she loved playing football with james, so was good for her :o)
i still miss her terribly, but i know its for the best, my tillee tots is far happier now too and is back to her old playfull, full of character self, also very chatty barky lol, as soon as we leave the house , especially if walking james to school she barks and barks to let every one know shes on her way, then when waiting in the evening for him she gets fed up and sits there barking for him to hurry up, which everyone of course finds highly amusing, especially the children who love to pet her. it is easier with just tills what with all the hospital visits etc. and she doesnt need to go out everyday, or can ,manage a small walk inbetween longer ones on other days, whereas my mags had to go out everyday and for longer walks and have the training for her head all the time or shed get very bored and myschievious as collies do... and she wasnt a hypa collie either.

best go to bed now, speak soon take care all {{{hugs}}}

Thursday, 20 November 2008

chitty chat

wow what a week, just looked and its been another week since posting .....

well i rearranged our bedroom so now i have a nice crafty side of the room and space to cut and make :o) just need the time now to do stuff lol..... and there is now room to set up the knitting machine :o) again just a time issue........

i also sorted james room on sunday gave him one of my tables and put the futon frame behind / under his cabin bed, i need to make a cover for the matress part as have put as a cushion folded on the floor with all his other cushions on top, he says it is far better and has given him more room :o)

had to go and see his teachers again this week, as he got very upset tuesday, think it all a build up what with maggee may going and paul not the best of people to be around when he comes off the steroids for a couple of days, so fireworks flew and james and myself ended up crying, all back to normal now and paul is now fine again, this is the good weekend then treatment starts again monday and away we all go again............ tired, sicky, fatigued, tetchy, hungry, bear just out of hybernation......... then in two weeks time back to normal for a few days LOL no wonder we have ups and downs, then paul wonders why i dont sleep and why i get ratty ..... sel a vie..... all will get better. and he wonders why james gets like he does, poor lad hes only 8 1/2 .......

well thats me done for the moment, my brain seems to be half awake today, should have popped on here yesterday when it felt a bit more alive. im sure in a couple of days will be ok.
o and i have made a few more xmas cards, and pies and biscuits and soya milk and normal dinners all week too. and scrubbed the bathroom sunday, still looks nice and clean :o)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

dedication to my maggee may

ive had to rehome my maggeemay, and found a lovely home for her in portsmouth, we met half way today in eastbourne , she did her usual roll on the back for belly rubble, and was really silly with them, the lady Lynne who will be her new mum, was lovely and mags will have a super time with her, she has woods, streams, and a beach near them, so maggee heaven. have been very upset at letting her go but we had no choice due to tillee and maggee fighting and generally starting not to get on :( , since been informed that collies and terriers do not often get on. so as maggee was getting older and coming into her own the problems started, and tillee was becoming very unhappy and distresed by it all. we now can see how much as tillee has settled with us tonight properly for the first time in ages and is all snuggled up to me on the sofa on a new blankey and a chewey bone.

so im posting pics of mags from 8 weeks old to 21months old when we said a very tearfull and heart renching goodbye.

so heres maggee may and hope she settles in quickley in her new loving home with her new mum :)

Monday, 10 November 2008

five things

anne from silversewer has asked me to post a list of five things I would like/want: This is my list...........

1. my chickens all set up in the garden laying eggs for me

2. a loving good home for my maggee may, where she can enjoy the countryside and get out and about everyday.

3. paul to be given the all clear and never to have the cancer back again.

4. my wedding next year to go without a hitch and the day to be wonderfull

5. peace and harmony with no wars in the whole world.

i know i should nominate someone else so will think on this later.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

knitting machine

have a look at all the goodies and knitting machine i picked up today, purchased from ebay, with a large black bag full or wool, bag full of knitting mags, and all the bits and pieces :D im hopeing to have a play tomorrow and try and get it all set up, has the manual with it, and punch cards. and have a lovely alice helping me from the cl forum with detailed how to pictures and descriptions.

Monday, 3 November 2008

bits and bobs

few more pics, made a start on my christmas cards today, managed 48 :D,
also a pic of my pumpkin pie and the seeds saved for next years planting and hopefully swaps on the cl forum .