Wednesday, 26 November 2008

awards wow :o)

Two Awards......

Wow, I've received two awards from pixiedust

7 things to do before I die

1. be a grandma :o)
2. see all the children happily settled and married
3. get my chickens LOL
4. have a brilliant wedding in may :o)
5. let tillee have puppies
6. finish my quilts LOL, and get the knitting machine set up and running.
7. paul to have the all clear

7 Things I do now

1. cook
2. walk
3. sew
4. knit
5. grow veg
6. draw
7. craft

7 Things I can't do

1. knit with knitting machine LOL
2. quilt
3. make proper yorkshire puddings, no really still have problems with these LOL
4. make soap
5. milk a cow
6. lay concrete
7. spray paint a car

7 Things I find attractive in the opposite sex

1. eyes
2. bottoms
3. character
4. down to earth, solid proper person
5. love of animals and children
6. gentle nature
7. clean and smell nice

7 things I say most often

1. lovely
2. oh poop
3. james
4. hello
5. good morning / afternoon
6. sweet dreams
7. love you

7 Celebs that I admire

Don't admire any celebs! ditto pixie on this LOL

7 Favourite foods

1. maltesers
2. chicken soup
3. homemade fish pie
4. tuna
5. bunny burgers
6. roast dinner
7. pineapple

7 people to join in the fun


for some reason the links arent linking today, so will leave full blog addresses up :)

The rules folks, Please leave a comment on the blogs that have been awarded, and feel free to have a go too.

1 comment:

cinnamon cottage said...

Hi Nita thankyou for leaving a comment for me, I love reading comments from someone new to my blog.

thanks for sharing all that info with us too and I cant make yorkshire puddings mothers are great but not mine, unfortunatley they are one of the few things I buy already made.. and my mother cringes!!! blessings Jan xx