Wednesday, 3 December 2008

wow its december already .... christmas preps LOL

hi all its already 3rd december , where has the year gone, feels like yesterday rather than a year ago i was sorting christmas stuff out.

well im very slowly getting there, im in the prosess of putting james blanket together then ran out of squares for the borders. so one of my friends has kindly knitted me some more squares up to help, another is knitting a strip up for me to border the blanket and i have two more friends sending squares to me from the swap friendship blanket, so hopefully by the end of the week i should have enough to finish it then will post up a pic :o)
i have nearly finished the third scarf off, have done my dads head and arm rest covers for his sofa and chair. have made 3 denim bags and 5 christmas bags. 2/3 way finishing a hat. and another dear friend is kindly knitting another hat up for me. ive made the secret santa swap and secret decoration swap , ive managed to get most of the christmas cards signed and sent off today, just hand delivery ones to go and hope ive not forgotten anyone.

now what else needs doing,LOL , two scarves, patchwork cushion covers, finish bag dangly jewels im also making, cooking, need to make biscuits and sweets . also going to make a chocolate log for christmas this year. dont have fruit cake and puds anymore as im the only one who really likes them so seemed a waste of money to me.

paul and i are doing a little bit of shopping tomorrow need to find a few bits to go with the made bits, then can get on with the other taskes .

hope everyone is getting on well with all their christmas stuff.

will hopefully be posting pics up of finished items very soon.

take care {{{{hugs}}}}

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