Sunday, 28 December 2008


Hello everyone, hope you all had wonderfull christmasses, ours was nice and quiet, just the five of us on christmas day, then stevie and mike went back home around 6pm, leaving paul, james and myself. boxing day very quiet aswell.

on christmas eve we let tillee open her pressie, she had a new bed (id made) and a stocking with treats and a ball inside........... well the ball hasnt left her side since LOL, plays with it, cries if she cant find it, sleeps with it curled up with her, loves playing fetch with it, and if she thinks youre going to take it and hide it ......... in her mouth it goes LoL she even tried barking with it there earlier.

paul brought me a new bracelet for christmas as id lost mine halloween, its nice to have a little chain with my watch again :o)

also james brought a lovely plaque, made me cry when i opened it.

"Mum Youre perfect!

you mean the world to me.

Your eyes sparkle when i am happy,

you are beside me when I am afraid

and you comfort me when i am sad.

I want to tell the whole world

simply this........

I Love You So ! "

isnt it lovely, he chose it all himself :o) just need to put a picture inside it and will put it up :o)

I also got a lot of smellies for christmas from my step children, and a lovely hooded fleece from mil2b. we had some money also given to us towards our forthcoming wedding arrangements. and my dad,brother and uncle brought me a new kenwood prosper machine, has all the bits to it, lovely large bowl, chopper, liquidiser ......... just amazing............. looks like more making and baking then LOL

Yesterday i sorted james room out for him again, moved his train track table to tother side of room and put his unit on its side so he now seems to have more room (james says it looks more grown up now) LOL.

if i dont get back before 1st then let me wish you all a very

Happy New Year


hen said...

have a wonderful new year nita! Ours will be just the two of us, nice and peaceful, just the way I like it!


Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

Loved your blog...but where did this form come from!!!! I've so much to learn!
Jacqui (Fibre Dreams)

nita x said...

jacqui if you go to the bottom of the page the link is there to find blog pets, i found the link on i believe in fairytales blog. she has a fairy flying around.