Friday, 19 December 2008

bits and pieces

sorry i havnt been around much on here, had a few hectic weeks again with hospitals etc. bad news with paul, the chemo hes just had hasnt done anything, and the cancer has grown in the liver :o( so as you can imagine a big shock, we thought hed have to have another 6 treatments but didnt even contemplate that the treatment wouldnt work at all and the cancer would grow.
we saw the chemo nurses thursday and both broke down, she sorted everything out for us, and told us to go home enjoy christmas have a few drinks, relax and recoop. the new treatment will not start till january so we can get our heads back round it all and be positive again :o) we are both relieved that we can have a couple of weeks leeway before starting on the new stuff with whatever side effects paul will encounter this time, we are aware of the possible ones, and he may loose his hair this time, so after crimbo will be giving him a grade one all over so not to noticable if he does.
we have both had down times since tuesday, wednesday we were both walking around like fogs situated in our brains, thursday we broke down with sue, today paul got out with a friend and that helped him no end, i was feeling really low this morning, but after a hug, chat and cuppa with his mum felt a lot better and was then able to carry on today. except my ulcer then kicked in with avengence on me have been in pain on and off all afternoon, milk and magnesia with pain killers didnt really touch it so resulted in pepsobismol twice , which after lots of gurgling noises has finally eased it :o) i really should ring my homeopath as she will be able to get rid of it again, its the time factor..... i now feel totally washed out LOL

on a better note ive finished mikes scarf, and 2/3 way through nephews scarf, so only a couple of cushion covers more to make, wrap them up and i think i may be there for christmas at last. o and i need to make fudge, chocolate log, christmas cookies, sausage rolls. so a day in the kitchen too :o)


on another note :o) my maggee may has settled , she and ellie may are now the best of friends , doesnt stop me missing her like hell, but at least i know she is happy and in good hands :o) M sent me a few more pics of her with ellie all snuggled up together the other day :o)


thank you all for bearing with me, i will endevour to write more in the new year and keep up to date a bit more LOL.

{{{{{hugs & love}}}}}


I Believe In Fairytales said...

Nita, my heart goes out to you, I pray you have a Christmas Miracle.

silversewer said...

Nita, you know how I feel for you and Paul, I hope you all have a relaxed Christmas and look forward to your wedding next year.

I am always thinking about you, and pray that the new treatment will do the trick.

Do not be afraid to cry, it helps to release the tension, I often think the british attitude of a stiff upper lip has a lot to answer both need to release and try and relax. I know you cannot forget about what is happening, but try to look forward to better days.

nita x said...

thank you leanne and anne :o)

trying to stay positive both of us, and the r & r will do us good :o) just want this ulcer to vanish now LOL, got hold of the homeopath this morning so on remedies now, cant take anymore of that pepsobismol carp....... should help and trying to stay calm .

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good Christmas despite everything.


nita x said...

thankyou mara, and hope you are well :o)

Greentwinsmummy said...

I got your card yesterday Nita & my heart hit the floor when I read your news :o( Deepest love to you both,words are woefully inadequate at times like this,you both will be in my prayers x x x x
Try & enjoy Christmas,spend quiet time together or throw yourselves into busy visits,whatever helps x x x
GTM x x x x

ren said...

hi there, just catching up with your blog, am SO sorry to hear about the news about Paul. (((hugs)))) and positive thoughts go out to you.

You are such a star, nita. I think you are amazingly strong and i admire you no end. (((smile)))