Monday, 30 March 2009

hi again

been a bit awol again, very hectic here at the moment, with wedding preps etc. also have days where i just cant seem to get words formed in my head to write about LOL

we've two new additions to our flock, milly and molly two little brown chooks, they are now settling in well with the others and 6 looks so much better in the garden, and we're now getting between 4 and 5 eggs a day :o)

we sorted their area out yesterday, moved their home as new grass underneath it, they loved it.

also planted the early potatoes out and build the cold house and plastic greenhouse, ready to start planting in a few weeks, im glad we didnt plant anything else yesterday though as had a heavy frost this morning.


its pauls last chemo today, before scan friday , then we have to wait till 27 april for the results, which be hellish, at least no treatments for 3 weeks, just the line to be flushed every week.

before i dropped paul off, i was dreading it, knowing that he will be sooooooo poorly again for 4 days, then slowly start to feel better, its so draining, im just so glad this is it till after we see the prof again, really dont think i could cope with another in a fortnights time, it just seems never ending . i think its the unknown that is the worse, if this treatment is working then we know he will have to have another 6 sessions, however i think it will be easier as we'd know it was working. its the not knowing is it, isnt it kind of thing, yes they have others , but after being so sick with this one, we just hope it is working. and dont get the same as last time, sorry its not and its grown. paul is at the moment thinking the worse, maybe then if bad news again then wont hit us like a tonne of bricks again.


sorry ive not blogged for a while it just all gets a bit crazy.

i have other pics to put up aswell, just need to get my act together and sort them out LOL

thank you for bearing with me and reading my blog :o)

Thursday, 19 March 2009

wedding bits

Have a look what arrived in the post today for me, a wonderfull, beautiful ring cushion and two bolero tops for stevie and katie, arnt they all gorgeous :o)

these have been lovingly made by Anne from silversewer Big Thankyou Anne :o)

and these lovely gorgeous earrings and necklaces are also hand made by the lovely Goldy from folksy these arrived the other day in these little silver heart boxes, so another big thankyou to goldy :o)

knitting machine

after loads of problems, much cursing and numerous phone calls and pms to a very lovely lady ive finally done it , first piece of knitting machine knitting :o) James decided he'd like it as a scarf so we knitted a few more feet and hay presto a scarf for james :o)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

analysis of my writing on my blog, seems to be quite true about me too ;o)

ESFP - The Performers
The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves. The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

so I'm a feeler, have put to side as well, but here's the link typealyzer this was from a link on alifefullofblessings blog

day out with oliver cromwell

a few pics of our morning out, this is the last time a steam train or any train will use this branch line again, it is being closed for good tomorrow.

both of us in first class carriage.

james looking out the window, had very sooty face and hands by the time we got off LOL

someone brought a replica model of the oliver cromwell, very intrecate.

as she pulls out of the station

going past us

on its way again

james at the station, probably the last time.
we both had a super time, and the rain forcast turned out to be sunshine :o) then we walked along the harbour and brought some fish and chips before heading back up the old cobbled high street, another sad thing was the rock shop had gone, we used to stand and watch them making the rock and sweets years ago, grew up with it, looks like its been gone for a while too :o( , we had a wonder then came back home.

morning and hello :o)

morning , been busy again ospitals etc, etc.....

james and i are off today to see another steam train and hopefully get another ride onit :o) hes veryyyyyyy excited and keeps asking how long , when we going, can we go now .... you get the drift LOL. anyway leaving in an hour :o)
the chooks are all coming on real well, had an egg yesterday nearly same size as normal egg :o) and we're getting 2 - 3 everyday now, Mildred does create after shes laid an egg though very noisy LOL.

we've also been teaching james how to tell the time properly the last few nights, and think hes got it, he did know hour, half hour, 1/4 hours but had problems with the other ones and to and after. once hes confident with this way round, then we will be showing him ie: 7.40 etc. after that the 24hr clock, its only taken 5-10mins for the last 3 nights and done :o) he also feels happier knowing.

hes also getting on better with homework, and will actually sit and do it on his own now, learning spellings too, think its just concentration with him, keeping him focused.

we still havnt put in the forms to see about relocation nearer to sandwich, problem is we do like it here, the garden is all set out now for us, everything as we want it and its taken us 6 years to get it this way, few more bits to finish which we will do this summer. so bit of a dilema here.
we have talked and to james and explained that if he doesnt get into grammer, or sandwich tech then i will home educate him, and he can then also do more group activities, he understands that we do not want him to go to the two local secondary schools.

hope everyone who reads my blog is well, and i will post some train pics up later :o)

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Thank you Anne from silversewer who has given me this award :o)

I have to pass it on to seven other blogs, and also tell you 7 things that I love:

1. Paul and James
2. tillee tots, and my chickens
3. baking and cooking
4. creative stuff, making cards etc.
5. patchwork quilting & knitting
6. walking in the woods
7. gardening, growing all our own veg.

ok 7 other bloggers, this is always hard to choose, so ill choose some i havnt chosen before :o)


ok i will let you all know in a bit, as in the middle of cooking dinner :o)


been a while again, im still here, just been busy again with hospital visits, sorting the chooks and garden out etc etc... you know LOL
its another lovely day here today, cant beat the sunshine for making you feel better. our chooks are all now laying, mildred and madge nearly everyday, babs has now got the swing of things and is laying proper eggs with proper shells and only one, instead of hardly anyshell 1" egg folowed by very fragile egg shell egg. and she lays by the coop door on the left in the sawdust .......... mildred seems to lay in the far corner near the straw area, and madge lays in the straw where they are all supposed to lay LoL. and little betty shes laid one egg so far under the cherry tree LOL, i know its hers as its darker and speckled . hoping she will lay another soon been 3 days since she has.
im starting to feel brighter, and not mourning for maggee as much as i was, have managed to go out for more walks too, still feels really odd without her there though. we had a film developed from the old camera the other day and found loads of mags as she was growing up, such a sweety.
tillee is sitting on my leg again like a cat LOL i suppose thats little dogs for you.

the wedding plans are all coming along nicely, not much else to do now or get, and im currently making ribbon roses to go round my head piece with other ribbons. trouble is i can only get 2 done before my hands stop functioning on me and then i cant feel the needle or the ribbon. oh well plenty of time and ive managed to make 7 so far :o)

finally found a table suitable for my knitting machine, £5 and set it all up yesterday, need to oil it a bit more and check it over, maintenance/service. then should be ok, was a bit stiff when i tried it yesterday.............. after several failed attempts....... id missed a page in my excitment in getting it working............ sent an SOS out and a lovely friend phoned me and went through it with me :o) isnt it lovely having nice friends.. James thinks it amazing (the knitting machine) as he saw it set up before going to a party then on to his grandads for the weekend. think it was a WOW MUM lol . and then a close inspection to see how it all works........ thats the engineering brain coming out then. i did have to take the back arm off it last night though after it attacked paul lol.

dont know what else we have planned for today, its sunny but the wind is cold, too early to plant the potatoes yet, i like to wait till the end of march, it gets quite cold up here and we've been known to have heavy frosts when everywhere else is clear. last week we had 3 days of frosts and snow covering on another. they are all in the shed chitting anyway then come end march will get them into the ground and the plastic greenhouses errected and seeds sown. I do love spring time , planting then watching and waiting for the first shoots to appear, such excitement when they start growing.

hope everyone that reads my blog is well, i will endevour to catch up with everyone :o)

thank you for reading :o)