Saturday, 14 March 2009

day out with oliver cromwell

a few pics of our morning out, this is the last time a steam train or any train will use this branch line again, it is being closed for good tomorrow.

both of us in first class carriage.

james looking out the window, had very sooty face and hands by the time we got off LOL

someone brought a replica model of the oliver cromwell, very intrecate.

as she pulls out of the station

going past us

on its way again

james at the station, probably the last time.
we both had a super time, and the rain forcast turned out to be sunshine :o) then we walked along the harbour and brought some fish and chips before heading back up the old cobbled high street, another sad thing was the rock shop had gone, we used to stand and watch them making the rock and sweets years ago, grew up with it, looks like its been gone for a while too :o( , we had a wonder then came back home.


hen said...

blimey, he's got your eyes!!

Looks like a lovely time!


nita x said...

LoL hen, yes theres no getting away from the fact hes mine, even has the same traits, the good and the bad LOL.
we had a super time, and great fun.