Saturday, 14 March 2009

morning and hello :o)

morning , been busy again ospitals etc, etc.....

james and i are off today to see another steam train and hopefully get another ride onit :o) hes veryyyyyyy excited and keeps asking how long , when we going, can we go now .... you get the drift LOL. anyway leaving in an hour :o)
the chooks are all coming on real well, had an egg yesterday nearly same size as normal egg :o) and we're getting 2 - 3 everyday now, Mildred does create after shes laid an egg though very noisy LOL.

we've also been teaching james how to tell the time properly the last few nights, and think hes got it, he did know hour, half hour, 1/4 hours but had problems with the other ones and to and after. once hes confident with this way round, then we will be showing him ie: 7.40 etc. after that the 24hr clock, its only taken 5-10mins for the last 3 nights and done :o) he also feels happier knowing.

hes also getting on better with homework, and will actually sit and do it on his own now, learning spellings too, think its just concentration with him, keeping him focused.

we still havnt put in the forms to see about relocation nearer to sandwich, problem is we do like it here, the garden is all set out now for us, everything as we want it and its taken us 6 years to get it this way, few more bits to finish which we will do this summer. so bit of a dilema here.
we have talked and to james and explained that if he doesnt get into grammer, or sandwich tech then i will home educate him, and he can then also do more group activities, he understands that we do not want him to go to the two local secondary schools.

hope everyone who reads my blog is well, and i will post some train pics up later :o)

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