Sunday, 8 March 2009


been a while again, im still here, just been busy again with hospital visits, sorting the chooks and garden out etc etc... you know LOL
its another lovely day here today, cant beat the sunshine for making you feel better. our chooks are all now laying, mildred and madge nearly everyday, babs has now got the swing of things and is laying proper eggs with proper shells and only one, instead of hardly anyshell 1" egg folowed by very fragile egg shell egg. and she lays by the coop door on the left in the sawdust .......... mildred seems to lay in the far corner near the straw area, and madge lays in the straw where they are all supposed to lay LoL. and little betty shes laid one egg so far under the cherry tree LOL, i know its hers as its darker and speckled . hoping she will lay another soon been 3 days since she has.
im starting to feel brighter, and not mourning for maggee as much as i was, have managed to go out for more walks too, still feels really odd without her there though. we had a film developed from the old camera the other day and found loads of mags as she was growing up, such a sweety.
tillee is sitting on my leg again like a cat LOL i suppose thats little dogs for you.

the wedding plans are all coming along nicely, not much else to do now or get, and im currently making ribbon roses to go round my head piece with other ribbons. trouble is i can only get 2 done before my hands stop functioning on me and then i cant feel the needle or the ribbon. oh well plenty of time and ive managed to make 7 so far :o)

finally found a table suitable for my knitting machine, £5 and set it all up yesterday, need to oil it a bit more and check it over, maintenance/service. then should be ok, was a bit stiff when i tried it yesterday.............. after several failed attempts....... id missed a page in my excitment in getting it working............ sent an SOS out and a lovely friend phoned me and went through it with me :o) isnt it lovely having nice friends.. James thinks it amazing (the knitting machine) as he saw it set up before going to a party then on to his grandads for the weekend. think it was a WOW MUM lol . and then a close inspection to see how it all works........ thats the engineering brain coming out then. i did have to take the back arm off it last night though after it attacked paul lol.

dont know what else we have planned for today, its sunny but the wind is cold, too early to plant the potatoes yet, i like to wait till the end of march, it gets quite cold up here and we've been known to have heavy frosts when everywhere else is clear. last week we had 3 days of frosts and snow covering on another. they are all in the shed chitting anyway then come end march will get them into the ground and the plastic greenhouses errected and seeds sown. I do love spring time , planting then watching and waiting for the first shoots to appear, such excitement when they start growing.

hope everyone that reads my blog is well, i will endevour to catch up with everyone :o)

thank you for reading :o)


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Lovely to see you back. I also am so pleased to see tha March sunshine. Picked up a nasty virus 4 weeks ago and only just coming right. A few days in the sunshine should put this right, Margaret

nita x said...

hi margaret, glad you starting to feel better now, must have been a real nasty virus.