Monday, 23 February 2009

Our first egg

Look our first egg :o) only 2" long but they are only 22weeks old, so chuffed we all were yesterday.
paul and james went running down to them this morning to let them out, give them their breakfast and hunt for more eggs LOL. none yet. maybe get another today :o)


Pixiedust said...

How exciting! MIL has chickens and checking for eggs is thrilling. Have you eaten it yet? xxx

Margaret's Ramblings said...

How wonderful is that!. In our house it would have sparked a war over who got to eat the egg, LOL. Or maybe we would do as they did in the Good Life, when Barbara and Tom carefully cut it in two. I am looking seriously into adopting some hens after our holiday. Hope you find some more today.

nita x said...

its still sitting on the side, havnt the heart to yet LOL.
we were hoping for another today, as yet still nothing, so we will probably have to fry it tomorrow and divide into 3 for a taster each :o)

allybea said...

I bet it'll be the best egg you ever tasted!

I can't wait until I can get my own chickens :)

nita x said...

they are brilliant, have had 6 wee eggs now :o) all taste devine. the chooks characters are coming out too, i can loose hours in the garden with them, find them very theraputic to watch and be with, with their little clucking and clooking noises, so sweet :o)