Sunday, 15 February 2009

my first finished quilt :o)

well here it is my first ever completed quilt, now dont look to closely as there are mistakes, but that makes it all the more unique LOL.
paul likes it which is good as its for his sofa. so need to make 8 blocks and can do mine, have made 2 and another is cut ready to be sewn.

we have one more problem now though.................. i need to make new cushin covers to match ......... so a trip down to fav shop sometime this week then for some more materials :o)


Greentwinsmummy said...

woweee! fantastic Nita! I have yet to even attempt quilting/patchwork.
You must be so chuffed :o)
Well done & happy snuggling!
GTM x x

pattypan.2 said...

Oh that is really lovely Nita, well done you. Not only that it is something handmade and from the heart and it is covering and snuggling your loved ones - showing in yet another way how much you care. You enjoy every snuggle

lots of love to you all



hen said...

That's gorgeous!! Where do you find the time nita?!?!?


thank you SoooOoooo much for my lovely award

nita x said...

thank you very much :o)

its my escape when i sew, try and get a couple of hours a week if i can, go upstairs out the way from everyone. it seems to help me :o)

mother of intention said...

Well Done! It looks lovely.

ren said...

wow! that is so good, you must be very pleased. Well done.
Must dig mine out again, am still on block 5 of the quilt along, started nearly a year ago!!

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

That is a beautiful quilt,anita.

nita x said...

thank you all, its a real sence of achievement when you finally complete one :o)