Saturday, 21 February 2009

There here ;o) Chicken mania has struck lol.

There here , im finally a chicken mumma :o)
meet :

Mildred (black with white speckles)
Madge (blue/grey body)
Betty (black with gold flecks on her neck)
Babs (white one)


Kim said...

Ooooh, Nita! Pretty, pretty girls :) Well done, I'm soooo pleased for you. I hope they settle in quickly.
Have fun

Kim x

Pixiedust said...

Oh Nita you've finally got your girls. I'm so pleased for you. they're lovely. xxxx

hen said...

nita that's fantastic!!!!!!!

They look fabulous! Our landlady just agreed to let us have chickens!!!!! I'll be getting some tips from you soon!!


nita x said...

hen thats brilliant, they give us so much fun and joy, you will love your own :o) im really happy for you :o)