Thursday, 19 March 2009

wedding bits

Have a look what arrived in the post today for me, a wonderfull, beautiful ring cushion and two bolero tops for stevie and katie, arnt they all gorgeous :o)

these have been lovingly made by Anne from silversewer Big Thankyou Anne :o)

and these lovely gorgeous earrings and necklaces are also hand made by the lovely Goldy from folksy these arrived the other day in these little silver heart boxes, so another big thankyou to goldy :o)


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Such a clever lady is SS. I know as she brought me two beautiful gifts this week that I will post about later. This pillow is exquisic and the little boleros are beautiful.


Bovey Belle said...

Those are all BEAUTIFUL and clever ladies are SS and Goldy. How lovely after your wedding, to have these memories to cherish, of friends who helped to make it such a special day.

You know, you'd never guess your favourite colour was purple!

allybea said...

What beautiful things to have for your wedding and what talented friends you have :)

Ali x

Rowan said...

I love the colours that you've chosen - the boleros are so pretty and the ring cushion is beautiful. Not long now:)

nita x said...

thank you all, such wonderfull and talented friends.
my lounge and bedroom seem to amass of purples, silver, lilacs and plum colours all going on, very pretty :o)

i have made two head pieces for the flower girls now , need to do the rest. but need to make more ribbon roses. ill get there LOL