Thursday, 13 November 2008

dedication to my maggee may

ive had to rehome my maggeemay, and found a lovely home for her in portsmouth, we met half way today in eastbourne , she did her usual roll on the back for belly rubble, and was really silly with them, the lady Lynne who will be her new mum, was lovely and mags will have a super time with her, she has woods, streams, and a beach near them, so maggee heaven. have been very upset at letting her go but we had no choice due to tillee and maggee fighting and generally starting not to get on :( , since been informed that collies and terriers do not often get on. so as maggee was getting older and coming into her own the problems started, and tillee was becoming very unhappy and distresed by it all. we now can see how much as tillee has settled with us tonight properly for the first time in ages and is all snuggled up to me on the sofa on a new blankey and a chewey bone.

so im posting pics of mags from 8 weeks old to 21months old when we said a very tearfull and heart renching goodbye.

so heres maggee may and hope she settles in quickley in her new loving home with her new mum :)


Greentwinsmummy said...

I just read your comment on my blog :o( so dashed here to see what was happening,I am so sorry poppet.What a predicament if they were fighting sigh,it cant have been easy decision to make at all :o(
Its really carp having to decide things sometimes isnt it :o(
Lets hope the weekend has a smile back on your face poppet
GTM x x x x x x x x x

silversewer said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) nita, but I applaude you for doing the right thing, Mags will be happier being top dog in her new home and Tillee will be more settled now she is on her on with you.

Take care.........

Rowan said...

Maggee is such a lovely dog, I'm glad that you found such a good home for her and hopefully her new owner will let you have news of her sometimes.

nita x said...

thank you all
everything feeling bit better now and tillee is far happier too, back to her old self :o)
maggee is settling havnt heard anymore yet but im sure they will be in contact soon :o)

daisy said...

Nita, they both look adorable, well done you for going to so much trouble to find the right home for Maggee, even though it was so hard for you to let her go. (((())))

nita x said...

thank you daisy, ive had an email today regards mags, unfortunately lynne could not keep her as mags wanted to eat the cat :( But michael the man who contacted me in the first place is keeping her , he has a rottie ellie may, who is real soft and maggee may has started to come round and they are playing together, and slowly less teeth are being bared, he also has family with two other collies who she is fine with and more than happy playing with them, he said he's fallen in love with her and gives her lots of cuddles so she is fine, she always wanted to play with tillee tots, but tills didnt really want to know as mags got older, so she should be happy, ellie may does not retaliate in any way and mags is gaining confidence with her :o) ive said to him im more than happy for him to keep her, and she did seem to go to him more. he is going to send some pics soon of maggee may and ellie may playing tug around the lounge, and says is very funny as has laminate throughout and slip slide everywhere. im just happy she is settling and is happy with michael and he with her :o)

Kim said...

Oh, please keep us posted as to how she gets on. I know this was hard for you to do, but You're such a strong and brave person. (((HUGS))) to you, as you can never have too many

Lots of love

Kim x

nita x said...

thank you Kim :)
havnt heard any more since the other day when he emailed a pic of mags on the sofa LOL, she didnt look totally calm yet, but only been a week. he said he let her off the lead for the first time and she was an angel (yes i knew that LOL) and ellie may keeps getting hold of the football and plonking it ontop of mags to say well come on then lets play...... she will be fine and sounds like a good play mate to boot :o)

Leanne said...

just catching up with this after my week offline Nita, and I am sending my wishes too, that maggee settles in her new home, and you have peace of mind over her. I am so glad tillee is happier, even with the few rehoming hiccups, you did the right thing.

hugs to you,

Leanne x

Margaret's Ramblings said...

It is so hard isn't it. We had a maggee as well. His name was Harry and he looked very similar to your little one. We rescued him from Nottingham from someone who had bought him from a puppy farm and then didn't want him. He was adorable, funny and loving but although he was small his aim in life was to attack our ten year old Garak, a big springer/lab, big but a whimp. It was heartbreaking but Harry had to go. We found him a lovely home where he is the only dog and lord over all. You did the right thing, I applaud you for it. It's not easy but the right thing to do. Good for you for not taking the easy way out.