Tuesday, 19 August 2008

day of surprises and presents.

Just look at these, arent they gorgeous, they are from a friend from the CL forum, Anne, a wonderful bag for all my knitting, a gorgeous cushion cover and a christmas table mat, just gorgeous, all the work that has gone into making them, you cant see all the detail properly in these pics but it is wonderful.

so a very big THANK YOU to Anne.

my lovely cushion cover, the needlework is lovely.

the underside of the christmas mat.

the top of it. lovely

and a new knitting bag.
i was just so taken aback by the lovely generousity of this lady and all the hard work tha has gone into making them. there is a link to anne's blog on the right, Tootles / anne and you can see even more of her lovely needle crafts.


Leanne said...

what lovely surprises to receive :-)

Leanne x

nita x said...

leanne they are lovely arnt they, im just so amazed by them all, i seem to be one very lucky lady :)