Saturday, 23 August 2008

London day trip.

christine my next door neighbour and I took james and georgia out for the day in London, we started this last year summer hols, and they had such a good time we promised to take them again this year, planning from last visit to do the dungeons and the london eye. next year they want to go on the duck tour bus and london eye again. to be planned ...........

we first got a train to the big smoke, a tube to the dungeons, and fortunately had prepaid tickets,merlin passes so we didnt have to wait 3 1/2 hours to get in only 1/2 . well it was different to what we had expected and georgia was a bit unnerved at times, but they did enjoy themselves immensly, except the last room see below in day trip 2.

we then hopped onto a bus and went through london to the london eye, that was very good, pics on DTL2 below.

then as last year we took a tour boat up the river and back again, they love this and infact is normally the only time we manage to sit down and eat some lunch.

setting off from the launch

cleopatras needle

my friend with georgia and james on the boat

the old navy boat.

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