Sunday, 7 September 2008


thought id pop in and say hi, not a great deal today, have sorted my sons bedroom out moved stuff around so we can fit a new train track in there, hes having another built for him by his grandpy, on a table this time rather than wheels and on the floor, so we've dismantled the old one and ive packaged it all up to post off to my mums tomorrow. so whilst hoovering after dismantleing decided to move his cube book case to the other side of his room and have a general clear out, sort out and clean. looks far better.

then we went for a walk and picked some damsons 5lb so will be making some jam tomorrow, didnt make any last year as the damsons here were few and far between, but we found a tree just up the road from us, should have gone last week as a lot of them had split, and we could have done with a ladder LOL as some really nice ones higher up. but im very happy with 5lb.

will post some pics tomorrow.

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