Friday, 19 September 2008


well ive just realised i havnt posted anything since monday, and its now friday, where does the week go, i think it was only GTM on creative living forum who said the same thing this morning, i know we all get busy bees, but boy the days fly by.
paul said to me earlier when we came back from walking the girls, what a busy little home we have, always making or baking or just doing something. well idol hands and all that LOL, keeps us all out of mischief.
today ive made soya milk tend to make 3litres every two - three days, depending really whether james and i have cereal or toast for breakfast, and then i prepared the remaining apples from our little tree harvest and cooked them ready for a crumble later. also sorted out the chicken stock that i cooked deboning and putting in the freezer for another day, then just got back from our walk which was lovely, made sandwich each for us, and put another loaf in the machine to make. so just the kebabs to make later and the crumble top and to cook.

our walk today was glorious a lovely autumnal day, a crispness to the air yet still sunny and warm not to worry about coats yet, we went to st margarets cliffs today for a change, and glad we did, all the berries are red and elderberries purple all the leaves are changing colour , just gorgeous. i wish id taken the camera. we could see france as clear as day again, the sea was flat with just a slight ripple. lovely, we sat on the banks looking out to sea with the girls close by, mags decided to come and flop behind me and then tils decided to rub her face in the grass down hill towards me until she landed on my lap LOL.
we then walked back over the stye and through the edge of a recently ploughed field, part of the field is always left as fallow land so the grasses grow thick and tall, these are now flattened, mags decided to start bouncing all through the grasses and pouncing in the thicker sections, we keep saying when is she going to grow up shes 18months old now and to see her today you would think only 5months old a real puppy dog. but lovely to see, with all the white butterflies flying around her :)


I Believe In Fairytales said...

Hi Anita,
thanks for looking at blog, I'm new to all this blogging. Had to create one and learn '23 things' designated by the Uni where I work. Now that's done I may turn to blogging about my handcrafts and things that interest me.(and I have a thing for fantasy and fairies)

nita x said...

hi leanne, i saw the link to your blog on leannes somerset seasons. and thought oo another lady who likes fairies and fantasy. look forward to seeing your handcrafts, im new to blogging aswell, always looked at lovely blogs and finally decided to do my own back in july. great fun.