Sunday, 21 September 2008

sunday sunday

here's some oven squares i made quickly this afternoon, my others were getting very threadbare and Paul kept trying to throw them away LOL, well they are now renegated for the BBQ and i have finally made a couple more. i prefer squares to those long glove things as find it easier to carry hot things with them.

and this is what Paul's mum and dad brought over for us today, eating apples, cooking apples and more tomatoes.

have a relatively quiet day today, took the girls out this morning for a lovely walk in my local woods all by myself just me and my girls LOL, had a lovely peaceful walk didn't see a soul about, just how i like it and it did me good, i sat for 5 minutes on my log in the woods on the way back it is so peaceful and serene.
gave me some time to contemplate all the forthcoming events, Paul is starting his chemo tomorrow and i think i was becoming more anxious than he was, I'm now a lot calmer and more together than before, still feel a little quiet in myself but am happier than i was, we will see what the effects will be, they always give you the worse scenarios, which is very scary, i have to be positive for everyone boosting Paul, keeping everything running as smoothly as possible for all our sakes, but there are times i just want to curl up in a corner and forget the whole world, just hide away for ever more, which of course is not practical with an 8yr old at your heels, who needs to go to school and help with homework etc. so you keep going and have to be strong for everyone even if you don't feel like it some days.


hen said...

How did you make those oven squares? Have they got special padding stuff in them?

Paul is in my prayers nita, as is your whole family. Please don't forget to look out for yourself too angel. Little steps.

much love,

nita x said...

thank you hen :), ive put how to on here for you, and the wading inside is normal stuff that is used for quilting.