Saturday, 13 September 2008

wonderful day

had a lovely day today, i think summers arrived, unfortunately its autumn so a bit late LOL

anyway we've had a lovely day and even lit the BBQ this afternoon, had the last of our bunny burgers with salad, mayo and homemade bread rolls, double wammies, were scrumdiddlyumptious .

i did manage to get the freezer defrosted this morning which was an overdue job jobbed, but still have the fridge to do tomorrow. and paul managed to get the sheds and gate creosoted(substitute) with a little help from james, mind after helping with the first one he'd had enough, so brought him him and scrubbed him down.......... i jest not............ had to get the brush and soap on him LOL but we did manage :)

its been so nice actually being able to sit out the front drinking, cooking ,eating and chatting whilst james and his friends played, how the summer used to be many moons ago.

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