Tuesday, 23 September 2008

i've had a request from hen as to how i made my oven squares below so here you go LOL

Oven squares

You will need fabric of choice.
Wadding normal quilting stuff.
Old material

I cut the top materials 10x9 purely because the oddments of wading I had came to 9x8 ½.

I put all oddments of wading together and placed inside old pillow case fabric then just zoomed the machine through the middle to hold (as oddments were strips) .
I cut 4 pieces of material 10x9
French hemmed 3 sides
Put wadding inside
Attached strip of matching material to top then folded it and sewed that across so sealing the square, then machined across diagonally both ways with approx inch in-between, and I trimmed any excess cotton threads. I then attached another strip of material folded to make a hook in the corner at the top.
Now there is probably a completely and proper way to do these, well there is and I would think it would be to lay all fabric and wading inside together, then machine across diagonally, (quilting properly) finally making edging or putting edging on the outside.
But as I said I quickly knocked them together.


hen said...

I am definately going to give that a go! It might take me a while though I don't have a machine and I'm pants at sewing! Mind you I can borrow one from a friend... hmmmm!!

Thanks nita!!


nita x said...

your welcome, & have fun making them, im sure you will be fine. :)