Friday, 12 September 2008

Halloween fabrics

i just happened to pop into my favourite shop this morning, and came away with three fat qrts of fabric, and some felt to make some lovely Halloween bits and pieces, i might make James a small bag out of the ghostly one for when he goes partying and trick/treat at friends doors on Halloween.

this is a blue purple ghostly one.

and the purple one (i think Leanne will love this one) also you can see a glimpse to the left of the black back ground same design.
arnt they just gorgeous, the purple is slightly darker in real life.


Leanne said...

yes, Nita, its lovely!! cats, purple and halloween, 3 of my favourites rolled into one!!

Leanne x

nita x said...

i thought it might be LOL, and i did think of you when i saw it, it is lovely. and james does want a bag made with the ghosty fabric, so that will be on the agenda to do aswell.:)