Saturday, 27 September 2008

our walk on the reserve yesterday 26.09.08

thought id share with you yesterday on our walk, it was a glorious day, and you can see the trees changing colour with the autumn, its very peacfull up there, a bit of a hike, but once there just magical, i also picked 2lb of blackberries yesterday.
we have some lovely views from the reserve .

this picture just sums up all the wondrous colours of mother nature.

all the fields around, harvested and ploughed ready for the next planting season, and you can see the trees in the background starting to change.
my OH Paul, first day out for a few days, was feeling heaps better yesterday after his first chemo treatment monday, the doctors have all said other than the cancer he is a very fit healthy man and this is on his side with the treatment and combating (going into remission) of this awfull disease
couldnt resist this maggee may.
i hope youve enjoyed a few pics of one of our havens and all the glorious views from up there.


I Believe In Fairytales said...

glorious views you have Nita...powers of nature and positive thinking for your trying times.

nita x said...

thank you leanne :)

Leanne said...

Thats such a gorgeous oic of Maggee may isnt it, happiness is pouring out of her. It does you so good to chill out somewhere beautiful, I am certain it would have done Paul good too Nita.

Leanne X

nita x said...

leanne i think it did we both felt so much better and more positive afterwards just lovely, and mags is isnt she bless. :) can never really get many of tillee shes always in the bushes or moving too fast LOL

jennie said...

What a lovely place to walk - very uplifting. I'm sure it will help Paul feel better too. Maggee looks so happy, bless her.