Wednesday, 24 September 2008

just cake

thought id make a cake tonight, just basic victoria sponge 6,6,6,3 and fresh pineapple layered inbetween, it smells gorgeous but yet to taste. mind it did take 1 1/2hrs to cook.
had a few up and down days , paul commenced chemo monday, and i think everything came to ahead with us both, very emotional. although we are coping i think very well with the illness itself it is all the unnessesary stress you get on top of it that often (well is) causing the breakdowns of emotions, maybe that is good as we do then release, and i suppose dont realise the full extent of the worry until it happens. (the straw that broke the camels back) i think thats what its called LOL.
but ive sewn and baked and we both managed to take the girls out for a walk today, and since then we both feel a lot happier about everything going on again.

and its my brothers birthday today, so Happy Birthday Duncan luv you loads xxxx

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