Friday, 10 October 2008

bits about my week.

thought id better say hello as havnt posted all week, been bit hectic and lots of ups and downs this week.
i went for a lovely walk today on my own with the girls, went right down into the bottom woods which was lovely, could smell the woods, earthy woody just gorgeous, the girls had a good time and i was out for nearly 2 hours, i think i needed it as much as they did, its like a freedom and escape from everything going on, peacefull and serene all in one, back to nature, heavenly.
ive also been cycling more this week as from wednesday we have had lovely weather down here, james loves cycling to school as do i, and i do two runs there and back each day, i also popped into the farmers market thursday, so had 3 runs out on my bike, and we went to the supershop after school thursday so even extra miles. James loves shopping by bike with me.

my dad popped in tonight on his way home and has taken james with him for the weekend, think this will do him good, and give him a break from everything going on at home with his dad, hes been very tense lately and we think very frightened of whats been going on, i mean i have trouble dealing with it all so how does an 8yr old cope..................... paul is also having trouble with it all, hates feeling so tired all the time, and now his arm has swollen and pain in his shoulder, we are just hoping that the pick line has not done anything it shouldnt have, and is just muscle fatigue from a very old injury in his shoulder. but am keeping an eye on things and checking all is ok, or we will be back in casualty again like last night but this time waiting for an xray of his chest. will see.

ive had two lovely surprises this week, two of my friends Linda and jennie on the creative living forum, have sent me maltesers, yes its a weakness of mine LOL. also linda sent james a special worry stone in its own little bag, it is gorgeous shaped as a heart, and sunday paul and i are going to put our love into to, so if james gets worried about anything when hes not with us, he can take it out hold it tight and know our love is with him, so hopefully easing or taking away the worry. such a lovely thought.

ive been knitting christmas presents as well this week, and still trying to make a bat for halloween, nearly done but keep getting interuptions. have also started on a camoflage bag for paul, hadnt enough fabric in one piece left so have stitched pieces together to make two large pieces ready to sew into a bag for him, will post pics once completed.


Rowan said...

There's nothing like a walk in the woods to help calm you down is there? There is something so solid and tranquil about trees. A worry stone for James is such a thoughtful gift, something to hold on to when you and Paul aren't there. Hope all goes well with Paul and that no trips to A&E are required.

Pixiedust said...

Hi Nita

Thanks for popping by my blog. glad your feeling better after your walk, getting back to nature always helps to clear your mind. Hope you and paul enjoy your weekend together, and hope he starts to feel better soon. (((((hugs))))) Louisa xx

nita x said...

rowan and louisa, thank you, i love walking in the woods really helps me deal with things, feel so much better afterwards, and infact it feels like withdrawel symtoms when i dont get there. LOL.