Saturday, 18 October 2008

hi again

seem to be making this a habit at the moment only posting once a week, oops.

well busy week again more hospitals and hospitals and hospitals , but i wont bore you with them LOL

at least this saturday was what i call a normalish day, got up later than rest of week, took the girls out for a lovely walk just paul and myself through the woods, o i do love autumn all natures colours littered throughout the leafs falling from the trees, rustling noises you turn and look just to see another leaf dropping from above. rustling on the ground as you walk amongst the fallen leaves gorgeous, i could quite easily loose myself completely in there, infact when im on my own i often do :)

i had to do the dreaded shop today as had run out of loads of things and couldnt put it off any longer, well that done i needed a cuppa, then was able to make the soya milk, ginger nuts and hobnobs. with that all done, i prepared tea, homemade kebabs tonight which mike and his girlfriend also had with us.
james is with his grandad again this weekend, but they are going to romney,hythe & dymchurch railway for a bugs day, its been a lovely day down here so im sure they would have had a good time, james will tell me all about it tomorrow LOL.

we have also made a start on building our chook house, and once finished will sort all the fencing out, so we can get our chickens :D we were going to wait till springtime, but one of our friends has told about a place that breeds them all year round, and we will be able to buy ones that are just getting old enough to be laying for about £3 each, so with that knowledge , have decided why are we waiting to do and get something we've been dreaming of for soooooooo long.

watch this space im hoping by november they will be insitue. then just the names to sort LOL

we also increased our fur baby family the other day, we have a new little polecat, called smudge. she is soooooo cute and very friendly, still settling in properly but ol'barney bear has taken her under his wing, and she is playing with bandit our other polecat, also puff and annie the ferrets, annie is getting on now and sleeps quite a bit, but puff is normally up and playing with the youngsters and mothering them LOL.

this is smudge isnt she adorable.

and here is bandit, also a darling.


Kim said...

That sounds like a lovely Saturday, Nita, and your fur babies are sooo delightful :)

Kim x

Bovey Belle said...

Hi Nita. Glad to read that Smudge is settling in well. I hope that James and his grandad have a lovely time on the R,H, and D railway. They'd love the little railways of Wales. Our local one is the Gwili railway, with steam trains but the track is only a short restored length. The better ones are up in North Wales.

nita x said...

hi kim and jennie, thank you for your lovely comments :)
james had a superdooper time, and he has been on some of the steam trains near wales, my brother lives in gloucestershire and is only an hour away from wales, they visited some during the summer holidays, when my dad took james and my uncle to stay at my brothers, im not sure which ones they went on though, but will be planning another trip next year as well so may go on others whilst there.

Pixiedust said...

Hi Nita, Love little smudge what a cutie. Can't wait to see some pics of the chooks once they arrive. Have a lovely week. xxx Pixie xxx

Rowan said...

Thought it was about time I visited your blog, glad you had a nuice weekend, you certainly deserve it. Love the photos of Smudge and Bandit. Who is barney bear - another polecat?.He sounds so nice, photo please?

nita x said...

hi rowan, yes he is a polecat, i'll find a pic and post it up. have one somewhere on the computer, if i cant find it will take another :)

hen said...

Hiya nita!

Woods this time of year, in this country, are unbeatable!

I never knew polecats could be pets!! Are they like ferrets? I knew a little girl who used to have a lead for her ferret and she would take it to the park for a walk. It didn't like my dog much!



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