Friday, 24 October 2008

new old sewing machine and lace making box

this is the sewing machine i was given by my neighbour the other day, ive always wished for a hand sewing machine and wow i now have one, it works a treat and has loads of bobbins and bits with it :)

this is the old lace making box i was given today, needs some renovation but its lovely, also the needles and cotton were also in the draws within the box.


Pixiedust said...

Lovely stuff nita. The costumes look great too. I hope your little one has a great time at his halloween disco. xxx Pixie xxx

nita x said...

thanks pixie and yes he said he had a superdooper time LOL

thesnailgarden said...

Great costumes and cards Nita, you have been very, very busy! Love the lace pillow and bobbins - do you make bobbin lace? I learnt years ago but haven't made any recently, I keep meaning to but there is never enough time!

Pj x

nita x said...

hi pj :)

no i dont know how to yet, but i intend restoring the lace pillow box, and cleaning up the needles, then will endevour to learn, its something ive been interested in and now having been given the lace box (which id never seen before) i will as feel it would do justice to such an historical piece of equipment :)