Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy samhain / Halloween

just a few picks of today, James and me dressed up for our get together party earlier, some of our bourbon halloween shape biscuits we made yesterday, our pumpkin, and my pressy from the swop we did this week on the creative living forum i belong too, isnt it gorgeous :D.


Rowan said...

Lovely pics, love James' Halloween bedcover - at least I presume it belongs to James:) Those bourbon shapes look delicious.

nita x said...

hi rowan, is that the picture with the broache on? as they are fabric squares part of my halloween swap with the broache.
and the bourbons went down a treat at the party, as soon as everyone knew id made them they seemed to dive on them LOL saying ooooo anitas biscuits lovely. makes you feel all sort of glowey :D

Bovey Belle said...

Home made biscuits are just THE best nita. When we went to see Itsy's new home last Sunday, we were offered home made gingerbread halloween shapes and they were yummy! Great costumes by the way.