Saturday, 25 October 2008

what expression number are you? mine is 11

Your Expression Number is 11

You tend to be associated with idealistic concepts and spiritual issues.

You have high potentials that are somewhat difficult to live up to.

You have very strong intuition and you can be a bit psychic at times.

Highly inspirational, you can lead merely by your own example.

You have an inborn inner strength and awareness that helps you advise others.

Although you have what it takes for a successful career, you belong outside the business world.

Overly sensitive and temperamental, you tend to have a lot of nervous tension.

You dream a lot, so much so that you may be more of a dreamer than a doer.

Fantasy and reality tend to get intermingled for you, and that leads to impracticality.


Kim said...

Would you say that's a fair description of you? I can see a few points are true :)

As for the question about Squash that you asked on my blog, how about squash and lentil curry, of course soup, a sweet pie, roasted with butter and garlic, just for a few ideas :) I'll look out some specific recipes if you like. The squash is a lot like pumpkin, but usually with a better flavour, those that you grow yourself are far better than the Halloween ones, which are just grown for size and tend to be a bit watery. Although, I've always cooked and eaten those, it's only in recent years that I could tell the difference.

Kim x

nita x said...

thanks kim,the pumpkin and squosh are both from pauls parents allotment, although the pumpkin is humungoes again will see when i open it up this week.. and id say a reasonable description , but im more a doer than a dreamer LOL and the fantasy reality bit only intermingle in my dreams :) i can be oversenitive at times but i wouldnt say temperamental, but i can get nervous tension :) mixed bag then really.......... LOL

I Believe In Fairytales said...

my number is 7 not really true at all. I haven't forgotten you tagged me, will do that on the weekend.