Saturday, 9 May 2009

wedding update

three gorgeous shawls from alice, all shimmering they are, photo does not do them justice, they are lovely :o) two deep purples and a silvery one.

two lovely baskets from hen, for the flower girls.

everything is very nearly sorted now, i just need to buy flowers to make into three bouquets, and two little possies to go into the baskets with a little teddy and butterflies. james needs new shoes, which i will be getting next weekend, paul and james shirts are washed and pressed ready.
my hen night tonight, and pauls stag night next week then its the wedding. how quick has that come round.............
nicki came and trial ran my hair do for the day, will look lovely :o) and discussed how to do the girls hairs, so they are sorted out :o)
brought some jewelery for me, i was going to wear pearls but the necklace and earrings we found are just perfect for my dress, which will be properly unvealed to you all after the wedding, cant put a pic up before incase paul sees it, as its a surprise for on the day :o)

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Kim said...

Glad it's all coming together for you Nita, lots of love to you all :)

Kim x