Saturday, 16 May 2009

chit chat bits and bobs wedding etc.

one week to go then, then its wedding day, where has the time gone ? i think im there, just the flowers to do and i found some yesterday that will look lovely in my bouquet :o) so next friday ill be buying flowers and making into bouguets :o)

the hen night last week was very nice, and they had all clumped together to buy paul and me a night away in the bridal suit, how lovely was that, evening meal, bed and breakfast :o)
pauls stag night tonight in a lovely country pub not far from here, the numbers have increased and think he will have near on 20 going lol. just hope he can stay awake long enough and not feel to bad the next day, as he tends to get very tired lately.

mollee is settling in nicely, all fur and still such a baby, loves company and snuggles still cries (although not at night now) likes to lay on my shoulders trying to eat my hair, then slides down the front of me for more snuggles, such a cutie :o) tots loves her, at the moment mollee is laying ontop of tillee in tillee's bed, lovely sight, they play well together, both very talkative to each other (which is so funny and nice). will post more pics up soon :o)

the chooks are all happy and we are getting 5 eggs a day now, not sure why not 6 as have 6 chooks, i think two are laying alternate days, all seem well, eating loads lol and their favourite treats are corn, yogurt and cauliflower lol


Greentwinsmummy said...

Gosh Nita! I popped here to see if it said when you & P were geting married & your last post says its a week away sooo it must be TODAY!!OMG!
darling girl! have a wonderful wonderful day,i cannot wait to see a picture of you,you will look a dream I am sure
all my love GTM x x x x

pattypan.2 said...

Hi Nita and Paul

Hope you both have a super day you both deserve it. Look forward to seeing the piccies lots of love