Sunday, 3 May 2009

our new fur baby

paul decided i needed a new fur baby, and brought me Mollee shes not quite 7 weeks old yet, but a real sweety, tots seems ok with her which is good :o) she is a whippet x greyhound so might get a bit tall LOL anything from 23 - 26 " at the shoulder, im hoping she takes after the whippet more and stays smaller :o)

we only had 3/4 hour with crying when we went to bed, so not too bad, and shes already molleefide me this morning climbing in my hair LOL


Mandy said...

Oh she is just so beautiful. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello you little sweetie! Aww, she's so cute!


Margaret's Ramblings said...

You are going to have so much fun and love with her. We would love another puppy but it will have to wait as our old cat just couldn't cope. Enjoy her,


I Believe In Fairytales said...

very cute Nita, hope she gives you lots of pleasure :)

Sandy said...

Nita, Mollee is adorable, hope she gives you many years of happiness and companionship. Hope you're all doing well.
Sandy xx

hen said...

aw!!!! molleee is so beautiful!! I want a puppy I want a puppy!!!


nita x said...

she is settling in nicely now, eating well, sleeping well and playing like a demon LOL i decided after being totally puppyfide this morning that she is infact a cross between a tiger, eel with a bit of kangeroo thrown in for good measure LOL

i will post more pics up as she grows :o)