Saturday, 17 January 2009

wedding preps and bits and pieces :o)

well thank fully the wedding preps are now all nicely coming together, thanks to some lovely friends i made this last year or so, and also to our families :oD everyone is brilliant and so caring, and helpful and just plain lovely :oD

so a BIG THANK YOU to all that are helping me :oD

i now have the bridesmaid dresses, friends are making bolero tops and also shawls for me.
jewelry is being made for me for the bridesmaids.
i am borrowing a blue garter from another friend, which means
"something borrowed" yes
"something blue" yes
"something old" yes
"something new" yes
what else??? o yes, my dad is paying for the disco , and has also brought james' outfit Just the waistcoat to sort out now :o)
pauls parents are paying for the reception and hall :o)
we have paid for the ceremony and all booked :o)
my mum is buying my dress, i need to order it this week :o)
the cake is being sorted by my mum :o)
the car has been arranged for me by another friend, whos brother has a white wedding car :o)

i am making the bouquets for the bridesmaids and myself, also my garland for my head :o)
we need to buy pauls suit, should hopefully get that monday :o) as there are sales on sales on with suits where i went today with my dad for his.

other wonderful friends are sending me ribbons, purple, lilac and silver........ these are being used for my head garland and also for the flower arranging in the bouquets and tieing of them :o) so a piece of everyone will be with me on the day.

and another lovely friend is making us a ring bearing cushion, james will carry this up the aisle with me :o) she is also doing the bolero chiffon tops :o)

the one major thing left to save for is our wedding rings, so that will be the next step :o)

so other than shoes and a few bits and pieces i think we may be nearly there.

ive made the wedding invites, just need to name and address them, then they will be sent.

o i need to also make three matching ties for paul, my dad and mike -pauls son (who is best man)
i am waiting on my dress for these, as can then get as close a match to colour as possible. also if i cant find a silver fronted waistcoat then will need to make or commision someone to do this for me, as never made waistcoats before LOL

ok think thats everything up to date ................

yes that is what ive been up to since last posting, as well as the normal numerous hospital visits, but i wont bore you with those.

o yes tomorrow the three of us, paul, me and james are off to see snow white and the seven dwarfs at the marlow theatre, canterbury. i brought the tickets before christmas as a surprise for paul and james, it will do the three of the world of good to have a family day out , and it fell on the right weekend aswell with pauls treatments so couldnt be better.

ok thats me for now i will try and post more, it just all gets a bit crazy round here LOL


silversewer said...

Hope you have a wonderful time at snow all deserve a break.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

When is the big day, it sounds like you have everything under control. Enjoy yourself at Snow White, Margaret

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! that all sounds really wonderful!! :D

nita x said...

thank you. i think tomorrow will be good for us all :o) all looking forward to some fun, dinner out and general relax together :o)

margaret its the 23rd May . and i am now getting very excited LOL