Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year :o)

Happy New Year
just wanted to wish everyone a lovely warm happy new year.

ive still got our tree up at the moment, will aim to take it down sunday i think, i normally take it down today but just feel it needs to stay up a little longer.

ive prepared all the dinner for today, first roast of the year, and its now nicely cooking. my dad is coming up today for dinner with us too, so that will be nice.

at the moment i have paul and james playing monsters , jumping around like lunatics LOL

best go and get on with the dinner, my dads arrived :o)

have a good day everyone :o)


silversewer said...

Happy New Year Nita, lovely to talk to you last night.

Enjoy your dinner with your Dad, and I hope that 2009 is a better year for you all than 2008.

Take care,


Margaret's Ramblings said...

In the middle of taking down the Christmas decorations, Nita. I love the holidays but I also love it when they are over and we can get back to normal. I having a little break at the moment and amusing myself chasing your monkey around the screen, LOL. Margaret

Pixiedust said...

Happy New year to you too Nita. I hope its a fab one for you, you really deserve it. Have a lovely dinner. xxxxx

nita x said...

thank you all :o)

had a lovely dinner, and had quite a house full this afty, when mike and alex also turned up after dinner, they went at 6.45 when dad did. also stevie popped in with her friend J mind they only stayed half hour. was a lovely day :o) roast beef dinner and apple pie :o)

Kim said...

Happy New Year Nita, lots to look forward to :)

Kim x

MrsL said...

Happy new Year to all of you from us here, nita.



Rowan said...

Happy New Year nita! I hope 2009 holds many good things for you and Paul and James.