Wednesday, 7 January 2009

hello :o)

thought id better pop on and say hello to everyone.

well paul started new lot of chemo today, fingers crossed this one will work............. we did see the surgeon / consultant yesterday and he made us feel soooooooo much better , more positive again :o) which paul definately needed, making him more settled, positive and hapier, which in turn makes me happy :o)

been a funny ol day though really, dropped james off to school 8.40, straight over to canterbury with paul, appointment was 9am we got there 9.15 due to traffic, i had to leave him 9.30 as still hadnt gone in for treatment and id not been able to find a parking space again had stopped in the drop off zone which only entitles you to 15 mins. anyway i went into canterbury to find some rings to make crumpets in, id read the parking meter thingymagigy and thought it had said £1.10 for 2 hours............ wrong it was only an hour......... anyway i went to four different shops , found them in 3, prices ranged from £8 for two to £4 for 2 for exactly the same thing ? erm how? i brought 3 pcks in the end as there was a discount buy 2 get third half price so that was £10 for 6............ i did look in wilkinsons but they didnt have any :( . well ive got them now.
i then had to hurry back to the car as only an hour LOL.......... what am i going to do now????
decided to go to sainsbugs whilst over there, picked up the pasta we like and had a look for soya beans......... no soya beans....... mmmmm decided to pop into asda, had a coffee and sandwich whilst in there and also looked for soya beans.......... no soya beans..... mmmm still got over an hour left, deposited shopping in car and went back into asda....... had a look at the sales items in george nothing for me but i found a nice pair of charcoal grey trousers for james and a checkered shirt and a jumper and a navy blue strippy shirt............. so he is finally kitted out in the next size range and all for £15 so not too bad . james likes them :o)
then decided id best go back to the hospital paul must have nearly finished by now........ No .......
another hour. finally got home at 2.45pm. had to unload car , put shopping away then go and pick up james from school, came home and washed up, cleaned kitchen like you do LOL ...... always know when ive been out all day nothing done LOL
poor tillee tots had missed us too, was all over us and very clingy , shes still snuggled up now but with paul instead of me...... i get up and down to often for her.........

just put james to bed hes all snuggly buggly under his duvet and knitted blanket :o)

our car has gone tonight aswell, our friend has taken it with him so he can get it mot'd for us tomorrow and will bring it back tomorrow night. we have the use of his if we need to. just hope it passes without costing too much. then later we will get it in with ol frank for the dent to be sorted out.
james and i will be walking to school tomorrow with tots, need to start walking more , and next door will pick him up after school choir practise so we dont have to walk in the dark :o)

so think we all sorted now, tomorrow becons a kitchen and sewing day i think......... need hob nobs, gingers, and crumpets . also need to do my dads two other arm chair covers and make a couple of blocks towards the quilt thats being made for the lluest trust.
so see how i do tomorrow.

ttfn xxxx


hen said...

blimey nita! What a day!


p.s. I've got as far as borrowing a sewing machine to make some oven gloves... I'm one step closer!

I Believe In Fairytales said...

goodness Nita, I'm exhausted just from reading that. :)

Elle Emm said...

Happy New Year to you too. Where did you get that cute monkey?

Hello from Winnipeg Canada.

Bovey Belle said...

Gosh, I bet you were glad to get home nita. I always have a) a book; b) my camera, and c) my knitting at the moment, with me if I think I may have time to kill. In this recent weather, perhaps I should include a hot water bottle in the list! Hope that P's latest treatment doesn't knock him back too much.

nita x said...

LOL i sure was glad to get home that day, exhausting i think is the word, mentally and physically

elle emm have a look right at the bottom of my blog, theres a link there and you can choose all sorts of animals etc.