Wednesday, 24 June 2009

good grief

good grief its nearly a month since i last posted.

lots been happening here, some good some :o) not so good :o(

so the good first, meet our new additions :o) arent they just sooooooo adorable, 4 so far, 2 eggs left maybe they will , maybe they wont........ i think possibly another will but we will have to wait a little longer to see, these mostly hatched out today, had one yesterday, so might get the other two tomorrow :o) mildred as you can see is a very proud mummy indeed.

now the not so good news, we saw the proffesor monday, and the chemo had not worked as it should have after all, and not only has it started growing again but has also damaged pauls liver now.............. and then he asked us if we wanted to have a chat about pauls life expectancy SHOCK...... is an understatement........ we didnt , so that chat will be another time. however it did put a BIG downer on us....... also a lump came up under pauls arm 2 weeks ago, we now know what it is another clot.......... this could have been avoided if the line had come out back in april, he hasnt had any treatments since then as his body needed the break, we've just had weekly trips to have it flushed and cleaned. so hes back on clexane injections too. the line at present can not yet be removed either as the clot has formed around it again.......... unbelievable really.
he was going to start a new chemo monday, but that is now on hold as we have a consultation at kings in london this friday, we went up there 2 weeks ago for a scan, so now we will see what they can do. we need to get paul in remission. we now know the cancer will return even after alternate treatment and more chemo, but we need to get to the remission stage first, then worry about it later.
so as you can see very up and down here at the moment, but we are trying to stay positive and hopefully get some answers friday.
hope everyone who reads my blog is well, i will try and catch up with other blogs soon.


Rowan said...

I'm really sorry about Paul, let's hope that the next lot of chemo gets him into remission. This must be so hard to deal with for both of you. You know my thoughts are with you.
The photos of Mildred and the chicks are lovely, she looks a very motherly sort of hen.

pattypan.2 said...

Hi Nita, [Hugs] So sorry everything so up and down and I hope that the next round of chemo gets Paul into remission. Prayers, hugs and healing coming your way for those you love as well as for yourselfI love Mildred and the chicks they are gorgeous and Mildred reminds me very much of you. Please take care honey and please be kind to yourselves
In my thoughts xx

nita x said...

thank you both, i did read your messages when they appeared on my email, just hadnt got back to my blog to answer you both. thank you.

mildred is being a very good mumma, so patient with them, showing them how to peck around, dust bath...... helping them eat spinache and beetroot leaves, shes pecks bits off for them, then leans down and they remove from her beak. lovely to watch :o)