Tuesday, 2 February 2010

some of james' lego models

thought id have a change of theme LOL, and post a few pics up of james' lego creations, to which hes very proud of :o) rightly so :o)
this one is the electronical working area for the stage
this is the stage with all the lighting and disco effects, with a building/workshop in the back ground
some of the many vehicles
his crane
the full picture of his stage/disco area
hope you like them :o)


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Let James know, some random Blogger in California thinks his creations are awesome! :) I think Lego's are one of THE best toys around. My son, Daniel, at 11 years of age still creates with Legos...at an age when I thought that he and his friends would think it 'uncool'. Good job, James!

VintageVicki said...

My boys would love that - even at nearly 14 & 12 they still use their lego - mainly now to create Transformers - with excellent results.