Thursday, 7 January 2010

few pics of the chook area this morning

well once id managed to open the gate, i was able to go and let them out LOL

if you think were going out in that stuff again ?

well if i must, i am rather hungry

well in the end 6 came out, went back up 1/2 hour later with some warm porridge for them nad finally managed to coax the other 2 out LOL

very pink toes all day, james cleared one of the bench seats off and most of the day they sat up there LOL
now nicely snuggled back up in bed :o)


took mollee out aswell earlier with james (school closed for the day due to yes the snow LOL) he took his sledge with him so could go down the hills and banks into the woods etc, had aa super time, mols was leaping around like a loopylala , everytime james went down the slopes shed chase after him, then come running back up to me barking, if james took too long getting of the sledge the other end, she'd run back done jump all over him licking his face, saying come on then, i want to chase you down the hills LOL, was so funny, we finally came home and dried off, warmed ourselves up with hot chocolate and marshmallows and hot buttered toast. very nice :o)

couldnt take tillee, in season and we'd have lost her in the deep snow LOL too cold for her as shes just a tots :o)


Jess said...

Poor chooks only my little hens were brave enough to venture out, the big boys stayed in the barn like chickens lol.

Glad your all enjoying the snow.


A Country Girl said...

My chooks took some persuading to come out too!